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In a world where dreams are watched in order to insure they are running properly, Tom is a Dream Watchman. He has fallen into a comfortable routine of watching and observing. The lack of interaction has become very comfortable to him. He enjoys the rules and has never thought to break them. Seven year old, optimistic Julie finds her way out of her dream. In a deal for Julie to reveal her name, Tom must bring Julie along for a few dreams. This lead to Julie breaking all of Tom’s rules and showing him the potential good he can do with his job. Unknowingly, Julie’s childlike thinking gives Tom a new perspective on his purpose in the dream world.


Writer, Director / Whitney Stephenson
Tom / Michael Baldwin
Julie / Addison Slater




Atlanta Underground Film Festival            Atlanta, Georgia            August 19-21, 2016      

NYC Indie Film Awards  (Best Editing)        Online Festival             July, 2016 (Online)

Melbourne Underground Film Festival          Melbourne, Austrailia       September 9-17, 2016

South Dakota Film Festival                   Aberdeen, South Dakota      September 21-21, 2016

Ellensburg Film Festival                     Ellenburg, Washington       October 7-9, 2016

REEL To REEL Global Youth Film Festival      LA, California              October 10, 2016

Orlando Film Festival                        Orlando, Florida            October 19-23, 2016

Savannah Film Festival                       Savannah, Georgia           October 22-29, 2016

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